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KICVOP launched an international volunteer program in 2008. Volunteers began to arrive from a variety of countries and began participating in a wide range of volunteering assignments aimed at adhering to the different needs of the surrounding communities. Volunteer activities include teaching basic skills in computers, math, science and English. Volunteers also participate in HIV awareness training and make regular visits into the community to participate in monitoring the HIV children.
Volunteering with KICVOP gives the volunteer a unique opportunity to experience life within a typical Ugandan community. Not only will the volunteer have the opportunity to meet and interact with many members of Kazo’s community but also to experience the joys and the challenges that an average Ugandan faces. Volunteering is also a unique opportunity to give education, knowledge and support to those who are less advantaged in life and in need of a helping hand.
We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and always value a volunteer with new skills and ideas. 

When interested, please fill in our 



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