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KICVOP Uganda- Staff
KICVOP is administered at a local level in Kazo since establishment in 2008. Mac M Kiyimba is the driving force behind KICVOP projects. Helping him are many volunteers from all over the world; Jasmijn Knaapen as sponsor program coordinator, Josephine M Mbolanyi as primary administrator, Rose Nabakka as vocational personel and many others. 
Mac M Kiyimba

Field Coordinator

Mac dreamed of being a father figure to the Kazo community’s children. His desire to work with disadvantaged youth and families was inspired by his own struggles growing up. Undaunted by the challenges of daily life in Uganda, he felt that he could use his childhood experiences to help those in need. Mac began by creating a local community centre. With support from international partners, Mac followed this by founding KICVOP. From its inception, KICVOP projects have helped families in the Kazo community to step onto the path of a positive future.

Jasmijn Knaapen

Sponsorship Program Coordinator

Jasmijn has come in contact with KICVOP during her internship at Mulago Hospital in Uganda in  2010. She was so pleasantly surprised by all the good things KICVOP does in Kazo, the community she was staying at that time, that she decided to start helping and get involved. After that she never left and she keeps on being helpfull to KICVOP. She is now graduated as a doctor and currently doing her post doc to become a GP. Jasmijn would love to start a big health project with KICVOP somewhere in the future. 

Sumaya Lailah

Local Volunteer, office manager

Ismail Mugasira

Local Volunteer

Sumaya is one of our local volunteers. She works in the office where she helps the children studying, works on reports. She keeps the projects going when Mac is not around. She is a very appreciated person and we are very happy to have her in our staff. 

Ismail is the one person that is always there to help. He takes care of the transport for children and people in the community  when they need a ride. He talks to the people in the community to ensure they get what they need. We can always count on Isma. Just like Josephine we don't know what to do without him. 

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