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KICVOP has reopened the Library Project! Begun in 2009, the Library Project seeks to address the shortage of educational reading materials in the schools of Kazo and adjacent communities. Although initially well supported, a lack of ongoing funds brought the project to a standstill. Thanks to generous sponsors, the Library Project is back on track. As of 2014, enough money has been donated to continue the Library Project in a bigger and better way!



The scarcity of reading materials in the school system is a huge barrier to the educational success of children in Kazo. The children are deprived of the chance to develop their reading and language skills, hindering their ability to fully participate in their learning environment. Students remain unable to articulate questions or formulate answers in verbal or written format. The deficit leads to underachievement in school and poor performance on the examinations required for grade advancement and graduation. The local community has pledged it’s time and energy to handle logistical matters pertaining to the Library Project facility as an expression not only of appreciation for what they are receiving, but also as a demonstration of their support for their children’s education. Ongoing funding is the key to the success of the Library Project.



You can make a monetary donation from which we can purchase books and library supplies. Children who read are children who succeed!



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