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In the past years KICVOP has gotten a big list of children who want to go to school and want to be part of the sponsorprogram. To help more children get affordable education KICVOP Uganda is going to start a community school. Read more on the school project page.

Good nutrition is also essential for HIV positive children. KICVOP works to make sure that the child is receiving an adequate diet. We want to help them get the right multivitamins and get their health on a better level. 

KICVOP’s child sponsorship program selects especially vulnerable children from the community who are in special need of help. These children may be orphans or have parents who are unable to send their children to school. We seek willing sponsors to help us find the means to allow these children to go to school. 

At KICVOP we recognize the importance of the role of youth in the community. KICVOP has devised a youth and peer involvement project in which we aim at bringing education and life skills to the entire community.  

KICVOP had a small library in our centre because of lack of funding we needed to close it. The library provided access to books and educational resources for all levels and encourages children to continue learning. We want to start a new library and we are looking for more funding, books and resources. 

KICVOP works with a big number of  HIV positive children within the local community. The selected children receive regular checks from KICVOP health care workers to ensure that their medication is being taken properly and that their living conditions are adequate. 

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