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With the HIV/AIDS scourge leaving thousands of children orphaned and poverty levels on the rise, countless amounts of Ugandan children are being denied the opportunity to receive an education. According to United Nations statistics, about 800 000 Ugandan children aged 6 – 12 years have never attended primary school due to poverty. In 2006, only 59% of Ugandan children entered primary school at the right age and only 50% of these pupils made it to secondary education. Girls are especially vulnerable to missing out on an education and are more likely to drop out from school than boys. Without an education, most of these children will be unable to have a successful future, leaving them open to exploitation and a bleak future.
KICVOP’s child sponsorship program selects especially vulnerable children from the community who are in special need of help. These children may be orphans or have parents who are unable to send their children to school. We seek willing sponsors to help us find the means to allow these children to go to school. Your sponsorship will help with:
Assisting the child with basic school related expenses like school fees, school uniforms, textbooks and other educational costs
- Education support for a sponsored child such as tutoring, learning programs and mentoring
- Personal development programs that focus on social, sporting and cultural activities to improve the social, economic and physical development of the sponsored child.  



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